Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

A few weeks ago, I acquired a second-hand ice cream maker. Ever since most of the ice cream in the frozen isle became “frozen dessert” because there are so few real ingredients left in it these days (and it’s definitely not getting any cheaper), I decided to take up valuable cupboard real estate with this contraption. I’m only on my second batch, but I gotta say, it’s so worth it. It’s probably not super cost-effective, considering the ingredients I use, but you could use cheaper – and a good quality, electronic Cuisinart machine is an easy find on Craigslist for $50 or less (considerably less, if you use a manual Donvier machine – about the $10 range).

My first batch was traditional vanilla. I must have used nearly a dozen eggs – whole and yolks combined. So much, I had to make a lemon meringue pie the following day just to use up the whites (hardship, I know). Ultimately, mint chocolate is my favourite ice cream flavour. I found a peppermint herb plant at the farmers market a few weeks ago and I never looked back.

This recipe is a mashup of a few but it turned out awesome. Pictures will come when my WordPress app decides to behave and let me edit again.

1 1/2 cups milk (they usually say whole milk but in the ratio to whipping cream, I can’t imagine an extra 2.25% on my 1% really makes a difference, so I use the 1% I have in the fridge)
1/2 cup sugar
cups whipping cream
pinch of salt
1 tsp peppermint extract
10 grams peppermint leaves, chopped fine (worth sharpening your biggest knife)

Warm sugar, salt, 2 cups whipping cream in a pan until dissolved. Add milk, remaining 1 cup cream, peppermint extract and leaves. Stir and let chill a few hours or overnight. (I didn’t do this and it wouldn’t freeze – had to pour it out, stick it back in the fridge and refreeze the bucket.)

60g (2 oz) dark chocolate, melted on double broiler
1 100g dark chocolate Lindt bar, chopped fine

Start ice cream maker with cream mixture. With 5-10 minutes left, drizzle melted chocolate in the top while machine is still moving. Add chocolate. Maybe some cocoa nibs too…

Pro-tips: When handling or chopping chocolate, run your hands under very cold water (and dry them) before chopping. This will help prevent the small bits from melting. And if you want your chocolate to drizzle a little easier, add a touch of shortening.


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