Mushroom Fig Rouladen

I went to every butcher in the neighbourhood looking for a quality piece of rouladen. I was shocked when no one knew what it was, much less what cut of meat it was or how to even go about producing one (a flattened cut of top round, so I now know). Sadly, and ironically, Safeway is the only place that has them but also includes them as part of their regular beef section, so there must be demand for it?

Disappointment aside, they were also on sale so I bought more than I maybe should have and wasn’t really prepared to eat 14 meals of the same pickle, mustard, onion, bacon stuffed dish. So I found something new. I figured, it’s just beef… why not fill it with something else? Ooooh. Smart, I know 🙂

And so mushroom fig rouladen was born… and still packaged away in my freezer because, let’s face it, after three meals of anything, it’s been done and needs to just hang out for a few months until my tastebuds and my stomach are ready to bear it again.

8 rouladen
2 lbs mushrooms (you can use any but I like shittake because they hold up better and give a sweet, earthy flavour)
1-2 cloves garlic
1 tbsp fresh thyme
1 tbsp fresh sage
salt and pepper
1/2 lb dark figs

Saute mushrooms with butter and garlic until mushrooms are browned. Add thyme, sage, s & p, and figs and mix well. Remove from pan. Add stuffing to rouladen and roll. Fold in the ends at the start of your roll but don’t worry about securing it (often recipes say use toothpicks, etc. but they hold together pretty well). Reheat pan with grapeseed oil to med-high and cook rouladen.

Deglaze pan with 1/4 cup red wine, 2 plus cups of beef/veggie stock (I just use veggie stock for everything – it’s easy and most versatile), 1/4 cup flour (mixed with some stock before adding) and 1 tbsp dijon mustard.

I put it on some pasta noodles with a side of rot kohl and baked squash but if you can find spaetzle, I highly recommend.

Source: I started here but I couldn’t actually say this was the recipe I followed, besides maybe the gravy.



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