Real tomato sauce

What sorcery is this!? I’m sure trained chefs must know this secret because it makes lame tomato sauce taste like restaurant tomato sauce, and sometimes even better. With a dash of red wine, this would be just plain marvelous. I guess I’ll settle for deep-fried tomato paste.

Yes, you read that correctly. But not in the crispy-battered sense, more in the saturated-in-olive-oil-and-cooked-until-all-sweet-and-rich-and-delicious sense.

1 can of tomato paste
1/2 same amount of olive oil
(or 2:1 put plainly.)
Put in a sauce pan on medium heat and simmer until it caramelizes and begins to brown.

Add it to prepared tomato sauce (or make your own) to make the flavours really deep and delicious, or use it alone. I won’t judge.
Add a few heaping teaspoons of oregano, marjoram, a little salt and pepper, to taste, and a few spoonfuls of this magical paste.

It also makes the sauce cling to the pasta so you get a nice balanced mouthful instead of eating wet, naked pasta and chasing spoonfuls of runny sauce around your plate (although, it helps if you drain your pasta properly and only cook until al dente too).

I have to thank Bon Appetit (Oct 2012) for this one again. The magazine that keeps on giving…



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