Pretty, pretty cheese

These are my first camemberts! I took the cheese course at the UBC Farm in November and have finally had a few moments to start making cheese. Actually, I tried once before but mistakenly understood 90F as 90C, and you can imagine, it didn’t go well. I killed my kefir grain, my rennet, my starter culture and my milk. So, this time, apparently things went better because I was lucky enough to get real curds and real cheese! I think my curds were a bit too big, as these are quite soft, but I’m hoping it just gives me a nice soft cheese. I should be able to eat them in six to eight weeks, after they age in my cheese cave, and get all ripe and mouldy. Yum.

For all of the details and how to make them, check out David’s blog:

For all the work and cost of milk that is high enough quality to make cheese, I can’t say it’s really cost effective, but it is super satisfying to discover how it’s done and to be able to do it yourself. Kind of like beer making, except that is amazingly cheap to make. The instructor recommended using raw milk, as it has the healthiest bacteria culture but the next best and accessible is pasteurized but unhomogenized. I used Avalon’s Old Fashioned Standard. My next step… get me a goat!

20121222-113931.jpg 20121222-113915.jpg


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