Mushroom Pizza

Fall is mushroom season! Fresh, local chantrelles and lobsters and lion’s mane, oh my! Yes, I found lion’s mane at the Vancouver Christmas Market, of all places!

I found this harvest of plenty at the Granville Island market. Huge bag of slightly less-than-crispy shitakes, portobellos and chantrelles for a buck! Truth, they were a little soggy – definitely the use-in-the-same-day kind of mushrooms but so tasty, nonetheless.

I started with a pesto base and a bit of Dubliner cheddar, a few slivers of red onion and tons of mushrooms. Simple but delicious and effective. Earthy and sweet. Super yummy.

My tip is to use way more mushrooms than you think you need. Second, in preparing portobellos, remove the black gills, otherwise, they’re just mucky and will turn everything black.

20121202-183540.jpg 20121202-183550.jpg


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