Fresh hops!

These wee Centennial beauties came from the UBC Farm! Yes, in September (hop season is already long past), but we did manage to dehydrate and store a few for future brewing. Hopefully they keep!

Brewing with fresh hops is a truly seasonal treat. We combined them with rye flakes and some London ESB (plus a few other things) to make a light rye pale ale. Unfortunately, our mash temperature was a bit low so our final gravity measured very low, equivalent to about 3.3% alcohol, but the hops provided a beautiful, fresh, aromatic flavour that is truly unique. And really, as only our second batch of homebrew, I think it turned out quite well.

Seasonally, the beer would be more suitable as a summer beverage but I’m sure we’ll enjoy it nonetheless 🙂

Once it’s finished carbonating and is ready to drink, I’ll post a picture of our finished product.



One thought on “Fresh hops!

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