Epic carrot cake

A few weeks back, I ended up with a bounty of carrots from the UBC Farm. I think these were yellow carrots, although they may have been white… I know they have about half a dozen or more varieties so it could have been a few different things. So, as recipe-making goes, to make use of about $2 worth of ingredients, one spends $20 to make something to put it into. In this case, it was mainly walnuts and cream cheese icing, but so worth it! This recipe makes a full 9″x13″ pan, plus a dozen muffins (you can see I had to split it into my two largest mixing bowls). You’ve been warned!



Bridgeport Kingpin

I recently took a trip to Seattle for my best friend’s stagette. Taking the cheapest coach bus route from Vancouver we could possibly find, I was in definite need of a beverage to cushion the late Friday night arrival. (Ok, yes, it was only 9:32pm, but it felt much worse.) Luckily, we found a little market on the way to the hotel and I picked up this lovely refreshment from Oregon. A triple hopped double red ale, I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. When you start throwing around multiples of flavour, citing rye, malt and generous hops, I thought, is it going to be enjoyable? Or a struggle? But I was won over by the promise of 7.5% to take the edge off so I jumped in. And I’m glad I did. This little beer is not really so little for its size at 12 oz. It’s slightly sweet, definitely hoppy, but an almost Belgian style delivery. Delicious 🙂


Chewy Ciabatta

This bread was so good… crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside and a little blackened by the oven. Perfect for sweet or savoury treats. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t come cheap and it’s only available certain days of the week but it makes a beautiful treat. Beyond Bread is at 4th and Alma and definitely worth the trip. Freezes well too!

Now if I could only figure out how to make bread this good!