Just a bit o’ brunch

This is such a lovely recipe – so simple yet so complementary. Almost like my bit of sushi last week but less finicky.

I found this simple creation in a BC Liquor store magazine a few years and a few seasons back – couldn’t actually tell you which copy now, but probably a spring or summer version. Makes a great summer salad without the egg and hollandaise, but also makes a delightful variation on your typical eggs benny. Enjoy!

Salsa base – finely diced cherry/strawberry tomatoes and mango

Guacamole – simple with a bit of lemon juice and garlic

About 1 cup of fresh dungeness crab

1/4 cup mayo on the side – with 2 tsp fresh dill and 1/2 tsp lemon zest (or replace with hollandaise with a bit of dill)

Pack crab meat in ramekin. Add avocado mixture and pack down. Add mango/tomato salsa on top. Pack tightly (for optimal results, refrigerate 1 hour), slide a knife around the edge and slide out onto a bed of fresh arugula, with a dollop of dill lemon mayo on the side. Or add a poached egg and smother it in hollandaise 🙂 Love.



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