This summer, I renewed my love of popsicles – and who wouldn’t with these colourful beauties. While the cup at the bottom does keep it from dripping, it makes it rather difficult to actually finish off your popsicle. This requires some fancy licking, which is, well… awkward.

However, I happened upon this fun book this summer, all about a troupe from Brooklyn making popsicles from fresh ingredients and of course, how would that not delight me!?

I can’t even really tell you how I made this – apricot tarragon is not in the book – there are, however, many variations and easily adaptable. That’s partly why I love this book. They take some time to explain the process but then the world is yours to explore.

I modified this recipe a bit from a plum, yogurt, tarragon, to use up all the apricots I had sitting about, as one does… They also have beautiful concoctions of peach-bourbon, cognac and pear, and strawberry balsamic. Their ingredients include everything from lavender and star anise to heirloom peppers and moonshine (though not all at once… *shudder*). And where exactly does one find moonshine nowadays, anyway?

Here it goes:

Makes about 10

1 lb apricots (about 12)
1 cup simple syrup (ratio 1:1 sugar, water – heat until dissolved)
2 sprigs tarragon (They chose to season their syrup, and discard. I didn’t think the flavour was strong enough so chopped them up and put them directly in the popsicles. To each their own. It might be nicer to have a smooth popsicle finish and not find bits of green to chew on and perhaps the flavour comes through more in a plum concoction – either way, you know I love my tarragon so those leaves were going in.)
2 tbsp fresssh lemon juice
1/4 vanilla yogurt

Preheat oven 350 degrees. Cut apricots in half and remove pits. Place cut-side down on cookie sheet and roast until softened – about 20 min.

When cool, add apricots and everything else to food processor and blend. Should be quite sweet – they explain that the mixture will dull in sweetness on freezing so make sure it is on the curl-your-toes side.

Mine ended up quite tart, which is kinda nice on a really hot day. However, I also used plain yogurt instead of vanilla and might have even reduced the syrup because I don’t like things too sweet.

If you have leftover popsicle mash, ice cube trays are great.



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