Fresh mozza, it was not.

Of course I would choose one of the hottest days of the summer to make my first foray into cheesemaking… I followed this recipe, more or less, but mine definitely did not form a gelatinous curd. A milky, crumbly curd, yes, but firm enough to actually cut with a knife? No.

And it certainly didn’t take me only 30 minutes. I noticed that the first curds didn’t fully utilize the milk, as my yellow whey was left a bit milky and the remaining curds were quite small. I removed most of the curds, added a second teaspoon of citric acid and brought it up to 90 degrees again. This separated the protein from the whey more definitively and yielded more curds. Next time, I think I would start with 1 1/2 – 2 tsp of citric acid. It’s cheap. Use it. Other commenters said they waited longer for it to cool and this seemed to work but I like quicker methods.

Before I did this though, I added a second quarter tablet of dissolved rennet to see what kind of effect it would have. None, apparently, so don’t bother, though I suspect this is why it didn’t become stretchy, and ended up as a harder cheese.

I also had to put it in the microwave about a dozen times. The purpose is to remove the remaining whey so use a sieve or something and stir your curds as much as possible. I don’t know how you could possibly remove all of the remaining whey in only two turns in the microwave but maybe using a cheesecloth next time instead of just my sieve would have helped.

It also did not become taffy-like at any point. I put it in the microwave so many times, it finally just dried out. It ended up crumbly and much like ricotta or white cheddar – tasty overall, so not an epic failure but definitely did not meet my expectations for fresh, stretchy mozzarella.

Next time, different recipe and more research!

20120805-200544.jpg 20120805-200609.jpg 20120805-200615.jpg


2 thoughts on “Fresh mozza, it was not.

    • Today, it hardened up and became almost like a fresh cheddar, but a lot smoother than I expected. Yesterday, it was more like ricotta. Ate it with jam on toast this morning and it was yummers!

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