Cold brewed.

Revolver Coffee at Cambie and Hastings has to be hipster Mecca of all that’s old-timey. With all of their coffee made fresh and by hand, be prepared to pay more than usual (I mentioned it was a hipster joint, right?) and wait for it. Plus, the little seating there is, is usually filled with hipsters on their laptops, no doubt writing something meaningful and equally cringe-worthy. But I digress.

This little cold brewed beauty is refreshing, chocolately and sweet but I like my coffee black (which this was). Wikipedia tells me it’s because the beans are less acidic with this process. It involves soaking coarse-ground beans in cold or room temperature water for about 12 hours and since the grounds don’t come into contact with heat, they release different flavours. Hm.

Bonus, you get to keep the bottle.



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