I like to keep my guacamole pretty simple and then make super yummy nachos! This particular arrangement included purple corn organic Que Pasa nachos, smoked cheddar, sliced olives, and a smoky, deep red heirloom pepper I found at the farmers market. I love trying new varieties.

My guac was:
3 soft avocados
1 shallot, diced small
Juice of 1 lime.

Again, better with plain yogurt than sour cream because when you’re done the nachos, you can just mix together your leftover guacamole and yogurt and eat it with a spoon!

Some recipes call for diced tomato, which is also tasty but not really necessary when you’re adding salsa. Fresh salsa is so easy to do too, with some diced tomato, red/green onion or shallot, cilantro or flat leaf parsley. Or go for southwest style and add corn and black beans and some cajun spices.

20120804-070648.jpg 20120804-070657.jpg


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