So simple and delicious. The trick with tzatziki is using enough fat. Big surprise! It’s not by accident that pork belly, bacon, and pulled pork have become so popular over the past few years and infiltrated almost every dish that we once held dear.

In any case, if you do wish to use lower fat yogurt, read the labels and ingredient lists, please. Most of those low fat ones are stacked with sugar and cornstarch to make up for their lack of actual substance. Sorry, am I sounding biased? Another trick is to set it in cheesecloth in a strainer overnight to let it thicken.

750ml 8-12% MF plain yogurt
1/2 english cucumber, grated
1 garlic clove, minced
Juice of 1 lemon
1tsp salt

Enjoy as dip for veggies or chips or on bread. A nice crispy Terra Breads baguette provides a perfect chewy texture.

20120722-184301.jpg   20120722-184307.jpg


2 thoughts on “Tzatziki

  1. I was just thinking about tzatziki yesterday because Emma can eat it – squeeze out the cucumber… and also my recipe calls for 2 cups yogurt to 1 cup sour cream and 5 garlic cloves 😉 bring on the fat 😀

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