Fusilli with lox

Just a lil’ something I threw together after the gym; a twist on the old bagel with lox and cream cheese.

Organic fusilli with asparagus, sautéed red onion, lox, and capers covered in fruity French olive oil. Plus a little Balderdons smoked cheddar on the side because I just opened it a few days ago and it’s so good, I put it on everything.
Bread? Definitely. Strawberries? Sure. Meat of any kind? Melt that stuff on there. Cereal? As a side dish perhaps, but sure, why not?

True to the original idea, I should have used whipping cream as a linguine-style dish, or hey, even cream cheese melted… but I didn’t feel like it. I also would have caramelized the onions but I was too hungry.

The trick to working with lox is rinsing the pasta in cold water until it’s cool enough that it doesn’t cook the salmon. Be careful with the onion and asparagus too.



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