Strawberry mascarpone muffins

Ok, so this was not well thought out but the failure was not in the recipe, it was in the delivery. So, my fault, is what I’m saying, however, I must add that the outcome was no less delicious.

Essentially, I started with diced strawberries mixed with a bit of lemon juice and put them directly into a muffin cup. Topped with mascarpone (and a few with ricotta because I ran out of mascarpone), and topped with muffin batter. As you might expect, as they cooked, the strawberries lost most of their structural integrity, leading to juice all over my oven and floppy, impossible to handle, individually-sized messes 🙂

Next time, I think I’d make regular muffins (mixing the strawberries in with the batter) and putting the cheese in the middle. Or, I might not even change the execution but I would use ramekins instead of muffin cups.

And now I’m left with baked strawberries, cheese and muffiny yumminess. What’s not to love?

20120513-164835.jpg     20120513-164842.jpg


One thought on “Strawberry mascarpone muffins

  1. I did a muffin recipe with filling, and it was layered batter, only a teaspoon of the filling then more batter on top – so maybe mix the berries into the batter and put your mascarpone in the middle of the batter – ooo mixed with lemon zest bits and vanilla scrapings 🙂 or chopped basil and balsamic vinegar reduction… endless possiblilities 😀

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