Summer Tea!

There are not enough summer drinks that properly utilize iced tea. And I’m not talking the over lemony, over sugary mixes or canned stuff. I’m talking tea. Perhaps a fruity or herbal tea, if you prefer, but tea. Brewed, chilled and served. Mix with soda, make a fun new cocktail (mojitos with mint tea, anyone?), or just add ice. Seriously delightful and refreshing. Why didn’t I come up with this sooner? And given the price, why is it not being served everywhere?



2 thoughts on “Summer Tea!

  1. With Anna around after the first sip i always have summer tea πŸ˜‰ and summer coffee too πŸ˜€ we should definitely make some of those mojitos to go along with all the other recipes we have planned when we get together!

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