Preserved Lemons

I’ve referred to preserved lemons in a previous post and have finally done it. I found a cute new blog and decided to finally give it a whirl (the blog itself is not my favourite but she has some neat recipes). I tracked down a canning jar (not the easiest or cheapest endeavour to find something large enough for this task on Vancouver’s westside), managed to squeeze it into my largest stock pot to sterilize it, and then stuffed it full of lemons!

I followed the recipe from this blog mostly.


If you do try this, I recommend a few things…

Plan ahead as it takes 30 days or more to cure the lemons properly.

Buy some 100% pure lemon juice. Don’t try to juice additional lemons to provide the juice. This jar is 1.5 litres and took 12 lemons, 1 cup of salt and almost 500ml of juice.

Determine how many lemons will fit in your canning jar before slicing and salting them. I got lucky but I wasn’t so sure when I was part-way through.

I’m not sure if this is necessary but if you are going to remove the seeds, maybe decide to do this before you salt the lemons. Not after. Just sayin’.

Do not attempt if you have cuts on your hands. Seriously. Even a hangnail. Ouch 😦

Looking forward to my lemons in one month!



3 thoughts on “Preserved Lemons

  1. So Is that the recipe? Just cut the lemons, stuff in a jar and add the salt and lemon juice. Sounds easy. I hope it works.

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