Lemon Ricotta pancakes

This recipe is so light and lovely for a a summers’ day or a rainy holiday Monday. I love that there was actually enough lemon to taste and the egg whites make the pancakes stand up on their own. I didn’t use cottage cheese because I didn’t have any so just used 1 1/3 cup ricotta, which was amazing 🙂
Would be super easy to make these savory as well – reduce the sugar and add in some shopped tarragon or blue cheese and you’d have a great side dish for dinner!

Makes about 9-10 4″ pancakes.

4 large eggs, separated
1 cup ricotta
1/3 cup cottage cheese
1 lemon, zested and juiced
2/3 cup flour
3 tbsp sugar

Mix egg yolks, ricotta, cottage cheese, lemon juice and zest. Add flour and sugar. Beat egg whites until stiff and fold into batter. Fry like regular pancakes.

(c/o: eatmagazine.ca)

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Orange sesame stirfry

This is a tasty way to mix up stirfry flavors with citrus savory. Inspired by a dish I found at Subeez ages ago, I hunted down the smoked tofu and never looked back.

Mushrooms – shitake or oyster, if you like.
Sweet bell pepper
Juice of two oranges
Sesame oil
Smoked tofu (as pictured)
Udon noodles
Serve and add scallions and toasted sesame seeds.



Strawberry mascarpone muffins

Ok, so this was not well thought out but the failure was not in the recipe, it was in the delivery. So, my fault, is what I’m saying, however, I must add that the outcome was no less delicious.

Essentially, I started with diced strawberries mixed with a bit of lemon juice and put them directly into a muffin cup. Topped with mascarpone (and a few with ricotta because I ran out of mascarpone), and topped with muffin batter. As you might expect, as they cooked, the strawberries lost most of their structural integrity, leading to juice all over my oven and floppy, impossible to handle, individually-sized messes 🙂

Next time, I think I’d make regular muffins (mixing the strawberries in with the batter) and putting the cheese in the middle. Or, I might not even change the execution but I would use ramekins instead of muffin cups.

And now I’m left with baked strawberries, cheese and muffiny yumminess. What’s not to love?

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Summer Tea!

There are not enough summer drinks that properly utilize iced tea. And I’m not talking the over lemony, over sugary mixes or canned stuff. I’m talking tea. Perhaps a fruity or herbal tea, if you prefer, but tea. Brewed, chilled and served. Mix with soda, make a fun new cocktail (mojitos with mint tea, anyone?), or just add ice. Seriously delightful and refreshing. Why didn’t I come up with this sooner? And given the price, why is it not being served everywhere?


Preserved Lemons

I’ve referred to preserved lemons in a previous post and have finally done it. I found a cute new blog and decided to finally give it a whirl (the blog itself is not my favourite but she has some neat recipes). I tracked down a canning jar (not the easiest or cheapest endeavour to find something large enough for this task on Vancouver’s westside), managed to squeeze it into my largest stock pot to sterilize it, and then stuffed it full of lemons!

I followed the recipe from this blog mostly.


If you do try this, I recommend a few things…

Plan ahead as it takes 30 days or more to cure the lemons properly.

Buy some 100% pure lemon juice. Don’t try to juice additional lemons to provide the juice. This jar is 1.5 litres and took 12 lemons, 1 cup of salt and almost 500ml of juice.

Determine how many lemons will fit in your canning jar before slicing and salting them. I got lucky but I wasn’t so sure when I was part-way through.

I’m not sure if this is necessary but if you are going to remove the seeds, maybe decide to do this before you salt the lemons. Not after. Just sayin’.

Do not attempt if you have cuts on your hands. Seriously. Even a hangnail. Ouch 😦

Looking forward to my lemons in one month!


Roasted Red Pepper dip

This roasted red pepper recipe is so delicious as a dip, a spread or honestly, eat it with a spoon. I buy roasted bell peppers in a jar because it’s cheaper than actually buying fresh peppers and roasting them – and less hassle, let’s face it.

5-6 roasted peppers (the jars I buy are 500ml and I use the whole thing)
1/3 cup toasted almonds
1 shallot
1 tsp red wine vineagar / to taste
1 tsp olive oil
s & p

Toss in the food processor and voila.

I like it a bit crumbly so I add more almonds than this – start with less and then add more if you want it thicker. You can also add the juice from the jar, if you’re using jarred, or more olive oil, to loosen it up to be more dip-like. I usually add whatever fresh herbs I have in the fridge. Today, it was mint and tarragon. Perfect with my No-Knead Lemon Rosemary bread.


Rhubarb Heaven

This has got to be one of the easiest, most delicious rhubarb recipes I’ve ever found. If anyone has a good one to share, I would love to see more. I’m not really a pie person – not big on heavy pastry (though I do enjoy a good phyllo every now and then) but I love rhubarb.

Add whipped cream, mascarpone and spicy ginger snaps. This is a match made in heaven. (See? Do you see what I just did there? And I didn’t even mean to! It’s just that good.)

Only recently I found out that the roots and leaves are toxic and are used in some traditional medicines as a laxative. According to wikipedia… “In the UK, the first rhubarb of the year is harvested by candlelight in forcing sheds – where all other light is excluded – a practice that produces a sweeter, more tender stalk.” I wonder if this would actually make it edible without extra sugar or if it just gives them a reason to charge more?

So, another win from Edible Vancouver. I doubled the whipping cream and mascarpone. You can’t have too much of a good thing. 😉

Love. It.


Variation on Rot Kohl. And SMOKED Turkey!

Ahhh! This blows my mind. Smoked turkey drumstick. Jackson’s Poultry at the Granville Island Market has some of the yummiest birds. I always buy my meat at Jacksons – it’s always high quality and reasonably priced (plus, their shop is a block from my house). De-licious. They don’t always have the smoked turkey in stock but a few days ago, it was magically there. And it was good. I might even make pea soup out of the bones, it was so much like ham.

Another lovely piece from Edible Vancouver – this is a sauted green cabbage with apple. It balanced out the smokey flavour from the turkey nicely – a perfect match, if I do say so myself.