Surf and Turf.

Fresh Digby scallops are a real treat. I’ll always find a way to get a little more decadent, so throw in some applewood smoked bacon and schinkenspeck from Oyama, and now we’re talking 😉

Start by wrapping scallops in schinkenspeck.
Fry the bacon (sliced thick like lardon and chopped) and set aside.
Sear scallops and set aside.
Deglaze with white wine, if it’s on hand, or juice of one or half an orange (depends on the strength and flavour of your orange – start small).
Add 1 cup cream and zest of one orange. Reduce a bit, if you wish.

Pour sauce on fresh pappardelle noodles. The zest gives a fresh spring lightness to all that decadent flavour. I also tossed in a handful of asparagus for some variety. Yum.



2 thoughts on “Surf and Turf.

  1. I miss scallops soooo much – none here at all, not even crappy ones. Oh wait, i had scallops tempura at the Japanese restaurant – once.
    this would be an ideal meal to make me when i come 😀 wink, wink…

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