Pre poach about 4 lbs ribs… (three options)
– in boiling water, stovetop
– slow cook in crock pot
– roast in oven
…for about 45 minutes. Drain and cool.

1 6 oz can tomato paste
1 can/6 oz water
3 tbsp curry powder
(And yes that’s tablespoons)
2 garlic cloves minced – more if you like
1/2 cup beef broth or consomme
1 tbsp lempn juice
Salt & Pepper to taste
Mix all marinade ingredients together – cover the ribs and marinate overnight. Remove some of the marinade and grill or broil in oven (start at lower temp to heat and then broil about 5 min each side), basting with remaining marinade till done.

You could do this in a slow cooker by placing the raw ribs, covered in the marinade into the pot. Set on low and leave to cook for 8 hours. Don’t use all the marinade for this though – it might be too much liquid.

No pictures of this one – it wasn’t all that pretty but it was awfully tasty!


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