Good ol’ lasagna.

Truth is, I’ve only ever made lasagna once before in my life. I can’t get over the fact that boxes don’t naturally come with groups of noodles in multiples of 9… or maybe 6, if you were making a smaller one. Now I’m left with 7 stupid noodles, but I digress.

The recipe was from the Catelli box – no surprises here. However, I did add a layer of roasted eggplant, which gave it a nice texture (cut 1″ slices and roast with lots of salt and olive oil on a cookie sheet at 350F for about 25min – but flip half way through).

I had also made the tomato sauce from scratch and pulled it from the freezer. Basically, just dice and boil a few pounds of ripe tomatoes until you reduce the liquid enough that you have a chunky sauce. Add whatever spices you so desire. I got nearly 10 lbs of them cheap at Granville Island – the market’s best kept secret. There are bags of non-saleable (sometimes nearly rotten), random fruit and veggies that you can find under the counter near the cashier for $1. Seriously good deal, if you find something you’ll cook and use that day. Ratatouille, anyone?



One thought on “Good ol’ lasagna.

  1. It’s always a great idea to sneak extra veggies into anything – as long as you are not adding too much fat at the same time. Looks great!

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