Dijon for dessert

My first attempt at French macarons. Chocolate almond meringue with a spicy ganache of clove, cinnamon and allspice. A bit of vanilla ice cream and handmade candied orange peel. All from scratch, except the ice cream. Maybe someday I’ll have an ice cream maker and enough freezer space to make it but until then, it is what it is.

I’m not much of a dessert person and the sauce started off as part of a crusted pork loin dish but I couldn’t help but slather dessert as well, with this delicious combination. Balsamic reduction, cream, candied orange peel and Dijon. Delicious in it’s reduced and liquid state (not so highly recommended in it’s colder, thicker state on the same dessert, as the mustard is a bit strong – just recommend reheating or leaving out the Dijon to start). Will likely try making this again without the Dijon, maybe with some dried cherries, which would still be tasty with meaty dishes, and well, pretty much everything…



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